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New Product Launches

In January, 2014, Mt. Clemens Crane launched two new categories of products: Harrington's TNER Theatrical Chain Hoists with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds and Harrington's RHN Series Ultra-Low Headroom Electric Wire Hoist with capacities 2 - 15 metric tons.  In February, 2014, Mt. Clemens Crane launched Harrington's Food Grade Series of Chain Hoists with capacities ranging from 500 lbs - 2 tons:

Harrington RHN series Ultra-Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Harrington's RHN series Ultra-Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoists feature a compact, modular design that is perfect for monorail applications or top running and underhung overhead bridge cranes. The compact body and short end approach result in the longest hook travel possible in facilities with limited space.

  • Ultra-Low Headroom capacities 2 – 15 metric ton
  • Dual lift speed
  • Dual trolley traverse speed
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty fan cooled motor
  • Premium wire rope is fatigue and wear resistant
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Harrington TNER Concert Hoist
  • Capacity Range: ½ Ton to 2 Ton
  • Chain Container: Standard Canvas
  • Standard Lifts: 10ft to 60ft in 5ft increments (other lengths available)
  • Reconnectible Voltage: 208-230/460-3-60
  • Control Voltage: 110
  • Standard Pendant and Power Supply Cord: 2.5 ft (longer lengths available)
  • Duty Cycle: 30 minutes
  • Optional Adders:
    • Pendant (Pickle)
    • Pendant Cord
    • Power Supply Cord
    • Hubbell Connectors
    • Road Case
    • Black Load Chain
    • Bullard Hooks
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Harrington Food Grade Hoist
  • Capacity Range 1/4 Ton – 2 Ton
  • Food Grade oil and grease
  • Voltages in 208-230/460-3-60
  • White epoxy paint for hoists, trolleys, hooks and suspenders
  • Control Voltage 110V
  • Certified and Listed to UL 1340 "Standard for Hoists"
  • Duty Cycle:  60 min.
  • Low-Profile Upper and Lower Limit Switches are Standard.
  • Plastic Chain Container Included
  • Standard Pendant drop 4’ less lift (longer cord available upon request).
  • Harrington load chain is Nickel-Plated, Grade 80 chain
  • Standard lifts are 10’, 15’ & 20’ (longer lifts available upon request).
  • Standard length power supply is 15 feet (longer cord available upon request).
  • "The Guardian":  Smart Brake Technology with 10 Year Hoist Brake Warranty
  • Optional Adders:
    • Stainless Steel Bottom Hook
    • Nickel Diffused Load Chain
    • Stainless Steel Chain Container
    • NEMA 4 Pendant
    • Pendant Cover
    • Stainless Steel Chain Spring and Limiting Plate
    • Stainless Steel Cushion Rubber
    • Nickel Plated Stopper
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Mt. Clemens Crane News

U.S. Military

In 2010, Mt. Clemens Crane supported US Military Contractors with shipment of multiple free standing crane systems to assist in F35 fighter plane assembly in California. Customer requirements for redundant safety features, precision equipment, and custom crane runway structures meeting siesmic requirements were all met with our products. Various Cranes were shipped in capacities from 1/4 through 4-tons. Over 1 Million pounds of structural steel with custom paint finishes were supplied for the custom engineered free standing structures.

Helicopter Hoisting
Mt. Clemens Crane recently installed specially fabricated cover structures over outdoor long lift hoisting equipment for a Detroit area utility. Helicopter hoisting was used to complete the installation at an elevation exceeding 200ft above the ground.

Traversing the Detroit River into Canada
Mt. Clemens Crane recently provided multiple large capacity (15 and 20-ton) Harrington Electric chain hoists to truck ferry transportation provider across Detroit River into Canada. Hoists are used to change landing deck elevation each time the ferry comes into dock.