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Crane Control

Cable Reels

The Conductix PowerReels® are high-performance cable reels suitable for many industrial applications... available in the 1400 Series, the 1900-2400 Series and the 3200-3600 more


A complete tagline electrification system for cranes, runways and bridges, monorails and automated machinery. It can also be used for suspending assembly line power more

Push Button Stations

The sloped housing of the pendant switch permits operators to work in a natural position, reducing their fatigue. Easy operation due to ergonomically styled housing. Single row of 3, more

Collision Avoidance

Your Duct-O-Wire CAS-1RA-O Collision Avoidance Kit comes complete with (1) Sensor Unit, (1) Sensor Unit mounting bracket and hardware, (1) Plug, (1) Bushing, (2) Grommets, (1) Reflector Array and (1) Instruction more

Conductor Bar

Meet the new standard in overhead crane electrification... proven and economical way to deliver electricity to overhead cranes, hoists, monorails and other types of moving equipment..... read more

Variable Frequency Drives – VFD

The most reliable and cost-effective adjustable frequency crane controls available. Industry-leading safety and performance features provide unmatched performance for your material handling more

Radio Remote Controls

Some of the most affordable, high quality wireless crane controls available... Flexible and reliable, these systems are designed to be ergonomic and more