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Conductix 1400 Series PowerReel®

Conductix 1400 Series Manual

The 1400 Series PowerReel® is a high-performance cable reel suitable for many industrial applications. You won't find a more ruggedly built cable reel in its class! The 1400 Series reel is ideal for all types of industrial power requirements - drop lights and receptacle boxes, extendable conveyor control cables, overhead hoists, truck cranes, ladder trucks, and utility trucks. 

You won't have any problems with regulatory agencies - 1400 Series PowerReels® are UL/cUL listed to NEMA 4X standards (outdoor use). 1400 Series PowerReels® are available without cable or with 600 volt SOW-A cable. Will hold 20 to 80 feet of cable depending on type of cable and reel model. For high duty-cycle applications a premium cable may be required - consult Conductix-Wampfler. 

1400 Series PowerReel® features:
  • Heavy all-steel construction with durable yellow power coat finish
  • Numbered terminal blocks for easy in-coming wiring
  • Formed steel stand with multiple mounting holes
  • 4-roller cable guide - adjustable to one of 12 positions
  • Ratchet mechanism to lock cable in the out position - ratchet can be locked out if not needed
  • Grounded slip ring assembly for safety

Conductix 1900-2400 Series PowerReel®

Conductix 1900-2400 Series Manual

1900 and 2400 Series PowerReels® are top quality industrial reels that handle larger and longer cables than the 1400 series. They provide heavy-duty performance at an attractive price! Sealed to NEMA 4 for indoor or outdoor use - CSA certified. 

These reels are ideal for use in utility trucks, overhead cranes (classes A-C), hoists, aviation hangers, and automated material handling. Also great for large drop lights and receptical boxes. 

  • 1900 Series (19" diameter spool) and 2400 Series (24" diameter spool) features:
  • All-steel construction with yellow powder coated finish
  • Two-piece cable roller guide with 345 degree mounting range
  • Safety-sealed, lifetime lubricated spring motor canister
  • R-Series industrial slip rings in a large slip ring housing
  • Current carrying capacities from 35 to 150 amps

Conductix 3200-3600 Series PowerReel®

Conductix 3200-3600 Series Manual

The 3200 to 3600 Series reels are the largest in the Conductix-Wampfler PoweReel® Line. The reels are built to perform in demanding applications such as factories, mills, and material handling. The "GafferReel" version in a standard black are ideal for theater lighting systems. 3200-3600 reels feature quick-change containerized springs, external torque adjustment, and fully adjustable cable guide. 

Spool diameters:

  • 3200 Series Cable Reels (32")
  • 3600 Series Cable Reels (36")
Series 320-3600 cable reels have a number of state-of-the-art features, including:
  • All-steel construction with yellow powder coated finish
  • Roller design cable guide with 345 degree mounting range
  • Safety-sealed, lifetime lubricated spring motor canister(s)
  • External spring torque adjustment
  • Lifting eyes to facilitate handling the reel
  • Integrated junction box
  • Spool guard rails
  • Conductix R-Series industrial-grade slip rings in a sealing slip ring housing
  • Current carrying capacities from 10 amps to 250 amps (at 600 volts maximum)