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Demag DST Multi-Button Pendant Switch

DST Brochure

DST control pendant switch
Direct-on-line or contactor control, high switching capacity, 4 sizes

DST multi-button control pendant switches
are mainly used for the control of handling equipment where a number of drive units are included.
  • The sloping housing of the pendant switch permits operators to work in a natural position, reducing their fatigue
  • Easy operation due to ergonomically styled housing
  • Industrial design award
  • Single row of 3, 6, 7 or 9 openings, dia. 22.5 mm, for push-buttons and special accessories
  • Up to 18 openings (in two rows) can be obtained by coupling two DST 6, 7 or 9 pendant switches together
  • Wall bracket for DST control pendant (not for two coupled pendants)
  • Actuator travel and forces according to DIN 33401, retention force <8 N
  • For direct-on-line control, 2-pole switching by simultaneous operation of snap contacts
  • For both direct-on-line and contactor control, standard versions of pendant switches using a maximum of 6 variants of switching elements, by combining these switching elements in any form required, special versions of pendant switches are also possible

Demag DSK Multi-Button Pendant Switch

DSK Brochure

Convenient Control

Regardless of whether you need to control hoists from ground level or want to control machinery, wire-connected DSK control pendants are the ideal solution.
  • High level of safety
  • For direct or contactor control
  • Ergonomic design and operation
  • Can be configured to meet a wide range of specific needs

Demag DSE Control Pendant

DSE-10 control pendant for ergonomically controlling hoists and machinery. 

These wire-connected units are used for controlling DC chain hoists and DR rope hoists in applications with up to three motion achses. To serve these needs, we supply DSE-10 control pendants for two different control technologies:

  • DSE-10C/CS: control pendants to control DC chain hoists, travelling hoists and cranes with an innovative 'triState' interface
  • DSE-10R: control pendants with a CAN bus interface prepared for the safe control of DR rope hoists, travelling hoists and especially DR cranes that are fitted with CAN bus-based safety control.