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Magnetek Enrange™ Flex EX Series

Magnetek Flex Ex Brochure

The Enrange Flex EX series of radio remote controls provides a cost-effective solution to the restrictive use of hardwired pendants. These durable and rugged radios are ideal for use in material handling, overhead crane, mobile hydraulic and industrial applications. Flexible and reliable, these systems are designed to be ergonomic and lightweight, and are available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 button style options to meet all your application needs.

Flexible and Efficient Performance 

  • Advanced microprocessor controls with 32 bit CRC and Hamming Code provide ultra-fast, safe, precise and error-free encoding and decoding 
  • Unique I-CHIP design allows information and settings to be transferred between transmitters, increasing flexibility and minimizing spare parts inventory.
  • Flex EX is equipped with more than 200 programmable functions to suit all types of applications 
  • A wide variety of accessories is available to provide additional protection and flexibility, including protective rubber transmitter boots, padded nylon transmitter case, retractable belt clip, and horn kit 

Strong and Reliable 

  • Reliable pushbuttons feature gold-plated contacts and are rated for more than one million press cycles. The defined snap-action steps provide positive tactile feedback even while wearing gloves 
  • Durable enclosures are made from industrial-strength nylon and fiberglass composite materials
  • Two “AA” alkaline batteries provide more than 100 hours of operation. A rechargeable battery kit with LED indicators is also available

Secure and Dependable Communications

  • Advanced synthesized RF controls with 62 user-programmable channels add flexibility to frequency management in the field 
  • Each Flex EX system has over one million unique identification codes (20 Bit) and never repeats

Magnetek Flex Pro Series

Magnetek Flex Pro Brochure

Our ergonomically styled Flex Pro series incorporates the latest in proportional control technology in a lightweight, comfortably contoured, yet durable case. It’s available with several options to meet the needs of a variety of applications and industries.

Comfort and Style in One Package

  • Ergonomically designed contoured case with available rubber jacket makes it comfortable for the user  
  • Designed to be compact and lightweight to prevent operator fatigue 

Versatile Yet Precise Operations 

  • Choose 8 or 12 proportional button configurations with precise control for smooth operation 
  • Adjustable speed control – four mode settings (25%, 50%, 75% and 100% output) provide precise control of machine movement 
  • Buttons can be configured as proportional, on/off, or a combination of both and include a variety of standard labels 
  • Revolutionary I-CHIP module makes this a universal transmitter that can be programmed in the field 

Flexible and Adaptable to Your Specific Requirements 

  • Rugged, tough nylon housing is made to withstand shock; protective cases and accessories available for harsh environments 
  • Rated NEMA 4 (IP66); sealed to withstand harsh, industrial environments 
  • Informative LEDs provide diagnostic and system status 
  • Designed to minimize power consumption, providing one of the longest life batteries in the industry today — rechargeable NiMH battery pack available
  • Custom labeling available 

Customized, Engineered Systems

We’ll build your system to your specifications—with our Flex M receiver, it’s completely customizable.

Flex M Receiver Features

  • Full modular design 
  • Part 15 433MHz 
  • Synthesized RF, 32 channels 
  • Available in 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, and 56 output configurations 
  • Stepped control (2, 3, or 5) interfaces available 
  • Stepless (0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, 0-+/-10 Vdc) interfaces available 

Radio Drive Serial Interface (RDSI) Module 

The RDSI module is designed to communicate via a serial interface to directly control Magnetek’s IMPULSE®•G+/VG+ Series 4, Series 3, and IMPULSE®•G+ Mini Adjustable Frequency Crane Controls (consult factory for compatibility if you have an existing RDSI setup with a Series 2 drive). The Flex Pro provides one-way communication, but contact factory for information on two-way feedback radio combinations available. 

The RDSI module: 

  • Automatically detects drive types  
  • Eliminates the need for drive contactors  
  • Reduces system costs by eliminating relay cards, excessive wiring and labor