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Demag "Alu" Enclosed Track

KBK Alu installations offer unmatched flexibility in design. Plant rearrangement is quickly and easily accomplished because KBK Alu components can be readily dis-assembled, moved and reinstalled. What is a monorail today can be a crane tomorrow.

KBK Alu systems are compatible with the Demag DKM Manulift, Demag DK Electric Chain Hoist, and the Demag DBS Air Balancer.

Demag KBK Aluminum Track from Mt. Clemens Crane


The unique design of KBK Alu produces a lightweight, but strong, modular track section. Trolleys running inside the track permit safe, clean and quiet operation for loads up to 1,400 Ibs.

Demag KBK Aluminum Trolley from Mt. Clemens Crane


KBK trolleys are equipped with hard nylon wheels running on sealed anti-friction bearings with life-time lubrication. Side guide rollers center the trolley resulting in clean, quiet and nearly wear-free operation.

Demag KBK Aluminum Suspensions from Mt. Clemens Crane


KBK hanger suspensions can attach to most wide flange support structures. Horizontal stresses transferred into the support structure are minimized because KBK hangers pendulate at two points. Lengths of threaded rods permit suspensions of different heights as well as easy adjustment for track leveling. Spring clip couplings allow for fast installation and a positive connection. Available in two styles, Classic (tension forces only) and Ergo (tension and compression forces).