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Demag KBK "Classic" Enclosed Track

Demag KBK Classic Enclosed Track from Mt. Clemens Crane Demag KBK Classic Enclosed Track from Mt. Clemens Crane

The heart of every system begins with patented Demag KBK enclosed track. Demag KBK can be used to design both simple or automated monorail systems or can be used as an overhead traveling crane and allows for the use of other material handling components.

  • Lightweight strong modular track system
  • Internal electrification available
  • Curve track, switches, drop stations, turntables
  • Low rolling resistance - push or motorized
  • Lifetime lubricated bearings in trolleys
  • Pendulating hangers minimize stress to support structure
  • Hanger rods provide positive multi-level connection
  • Modular design means flexibility down the road
  • Systems can be dis-assembled and re-configured.

KBK Track

Demag KBK Classic Track from Mt. Clemens Crane
The unique design of KBK produces a lightweight, but strong, modular track section. Trolleys running inside the track permit safe, clean and quiet operation for loads up to 4,000 Ibs.

Internally electrified sections are available in KBK-IIR Track. This track is ideal for closed loop systems or operations where many hoists are used in close proximity. Curves can easily be negotiated without the binding problems inherent with a tagline system.


Demag KBK Classic Trolleys from Mt. Clemens Crane
KBK trolleys are equipped with hard nylon wheels running on sealed anti-friction bearings with life-time lubrication. Elimination of metal to metal contact and internal trolley travel results in clean, quiet and nearly wear-free operation.

Suspension Assembly

Demag KBK Classic Suspension Assembly from Mt. Clemens Crane

Suspension Assembly
KBK hanger suspensions can attach to most wide flange support structures. Horizontal stresses transferred into the support structure are minimized because KBK hangers pendulate at two points. Lengths of threaded rods permit suspensions of different heights as well as easy adjustment for track leveling. Spring clip couplings allow for fast installation and a positive connection.