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Demag KBK Ergo

Demag KBK Ergo Enclosed Track Crane from Mt. Clemens Crane

As a leader in the industry, Demag Cranes and Components recognized the need for special components to handle the unique requirements that appear in offset load applications. The result was KBK ERGO - a group of highly specialized components that counter and eliminate the forces found in offset.

KBK Ergo II-V Trolley

The trolleys are fitted with four Polymid wheels mounted to fixed axles with anti-friction bearings, permanently lubricated and sealed. This is mounted to the main body by a spherical seat, which allows the trolley inner body to float in all directions, making the wheels self aligning on the tapered running surfaces of the track.The trolley body is a die cast aluminum alloy with upper and lower guide rollers and two bolted connections. To counteract the vertical forces, a pair of adjustable kick-up wheels are mounted to the main body. This transfers the vertical force to the bottom of the external flange of the KBK track.

Ergo Hanger Assembly

These hanger assemblies are designed to take vertical and lateral forces. This is achieved by dual upper suspension brackets attached to a connection plate which is bonded to a rubber damper that absorbs the energy. For track leveling, there is an adjustable threaded connection. The hanger comes complete as shown to the left.

End Truck-V

End trucks are assembled to KBKII-V ERGO trolleys by a two bolt connection. The crane eye normally used in standard KBK systems is replaced by a rigid connection between the bridge girder and end truck structure via a weld button.

End truck wheel spacings and combinations are offered in many configurations providing optimum flexibility.

End Cap-V

Due to the high lateral forces and impact loads associated with manipulator applications, KBK ERGO systems are equipped with self-adjusting shock absorbers. The End Cap-V with shock absorber dissipates the greater part of the energy generated by these loads, relieving suspensions and the adjoining support structure. The End Cap-V is offered as a Kit under one part number.

Redundant Safety Cable System

In the event of a hanger failure, the primary function of this cable system is to secure the load safely. It achieves this by utilizing a vastly superior connection. The safety cable is wrapped around the two opposing wedges and placed in the rope connection housing. It relieves shock loading/impact by dissipating the energy as the wedges are forced into the housing which squeezes the safety cable between the wedge and wall of the housing thus greatly dampening the impact. Crosby clips are used to secure the rope end.