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Gorbel Monorail

Gorbel Work Station Crane Systems utilize enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight.


  • Gorbel Workstation Steel from Mt. Clemens CraneAvailable in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Enclosed track cranes are up to three times easier to move than traditional bridge cranes.
  • The design virtually eliminates dirt and dust from the rolling surface. This reduces wear on the wheels of the trolley and end trucks.
  • The smooth running surface reduces rolling resistance.


  • Gorbel Workstation Aluminum from Mt. Clemens CraneThe low profile of the steel track allows the system to be installed where headroom is a problem.
  • The low track weight reduces the applied forces exerted on the supporting structure. Long spans allow systems to be installed where hanging points are infrequent.
  • Five capacities (250 lb., 500 lb., 1,000 lb., 2,000 lb., and 4,000 lb.) enable you to keep bridge weights and costs to a minimum.
  • Provide a solution for true linear movement.
  • Pre-engineered modular designs enable Gorbel Work Station Crane Systems to be adapted for more sophisticated applications. This is done by the addition of extra tracks, curves, switches, and interlocks (transfers
The 2° taper of the running flange helps to center the trolley in the track for smooth, effortless movement of trolleys and end.

Gorbel Monorail Curve Enclosed Track Crane from Mt. Clemens CraneMonorail Curve

The monorail curve is a section of track that is formed to provide a 90° bend. Curve sections have a straight area that projects beyond the curve. The curve needs to be supported with three hangers


Gorbel Monorail Enclosed Track Crane from Mt. Clemens Crane

Gorbel's interlock/transfer cranes allow loads to be transferred from a bridge crane to monorail spurs and vice-a-versa. The interlock/transfer cranes are fast and easy to use. The bridge only engages the interlock when the operator actuates it so they do not impede the workers when not in use. The interlock is designed so the trolley stops will lock and not allow the passage of the hoist trolley until the bridge and monorail are in alignment and mechanically linked. The bridge and monorail spur cannot be separated until the trolley stops are fully closed and in the locked position. They can be easily adapted to an existing Gorbel Work Station Bridge Crane.