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Fabricated Girders

Mt. Clemens Crane provides welded box girder construction options for both single and double girder cranes. Where standard single web rolled profiles cannot meet capacity or span requirements, box girder construction of crane girders is applied. Box girder construction is also used where single web beam profiles become cost ineffective for the application. Generally, all cranes over 60ft span are constructed of box girders, and some cranes of higher capacity below 60ft span.

Both single and double girder cranes are constructed using two web plates, spaced by intermittent diaphrams. Double girder cranes are torsional box construction, placing the trolley rail direclty over the inside web plate.

Box bridge girders are specifically engineered and constructed of steel plates positioned and welded to maximize strength and resist deflection. All internal and miscellaneous welding is completed manually by certified welders, in the flat position only. MCC uses specialized girder rolling machinery during the girder construction process to assure minimal stresses induced in the girders. Longitudinal web to cap plate welds are completed using a automated submerged arc welder. All plate joints are designed to AWS and CMAA criteria and are properly prepared using plate beveling machinery.

Fabricated Fabricated Girders Fabricated Girders from MCCrane Fabricated Girders from Mt. Clemens Crane