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A Series Gantry Cranes

Spanco A Series Gantry Crane from Mt. Clemens Crane A Series Gantry Cranes offer an economical solution with an adjustable or fixed height construction. These gantry cranes range up to a 10 ton capacity with steel construction ideal for maintenance departments or other applications where larger capacities are required. The A Series gantry crane is also available with aluminum construction. This aluminum gantry crane is lightweight for ease of portability and is ideal for constant assembly and disassembly. Aluminum A Series gantry cranes can move from job site to job site, which is especially useful for service trucks. The aluminum gantry crane is corrosion resistant and is great for use in clean rooms.


Adjustable A Series Portable Steel Gantry Cranes
Spanco Series A Gantry CraneA Series adjustable gantry cranes are available in steel construction with capacities up to 10 tons and spans to 40 feet. The steel construction boasts 16 feet under the I-beam. Height adjustment is simplified by spring-loaded steel locking pins. Moldon polyurethane wheels are used on the SPANCO adjustable A Series portable gantries with four position swivel locks.

Fixed A Series Portable Steel Gantry Cranes
A Series fixed gantry cranes with steel construction offer capacities up to 10 tons and spans up to 40 feet. Up to 16 feet is available under the I-beam on this gantry crane. For simplified height adjustment, SPANCO gantries are equipped with steel locking pins. Moldon polyurethane wheels are used on the SPANCO adjustable A Series portable gantries with four position swivel locks.

A Series Aluminum Portable Gantry Cranes
Aluminum gantry cranes are available with adjustable height and span. These A Series gantry cranes have capacities ranging up to 2 tons with spans to 20 feet. Up to 12 feet is available under the I-beam. Spring-loaded steel locking pins are also featured on the aluminum gantry crane models for simplified height adjustment. Moldon polyurethane wheels with four position swivel locks provide excellent floor protection. Why choose an aluminum gantry crane? An aluminum gantry crane is the perfect choice for applications where weight is an important factor. A SPANCO aluminum gantry crane provides an ergonomic material handling solution with crane weights as low as 112 pounds. These aluminum gantry cranes are ideal for use in situations where frequent assembly and relocation is required.

Gantry Crane A Series by Spanco.  Available from Mt. Clemens Crane


Optional span kits allow crane to be shortened for travel down narrow aisles.

Optional caster styles and wheel brakes are available for SPANCO A Series portable gantry cranes.

Steel fixed A Series portable gantry cranes can be motorized, with reinforcing modification, for economical powered travel at lower speeds.

An optional LUG-ALL winch-hoist kit adjusts the gantry height according to job specific lifting requirements and/or movement through doorways. The kit includes two LUG-ALL cable winch-hoists. For use with A Series gantries only. To be used under no load condition only. For use with gantries weighing over 3,000 lb., including weight of hoist and trolley.