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PF Series Portable Gantry Cranes

Spanco PF Series Gantry Crane from Mt. Clemens Crane

PF Series gantry cranes are all welded, rigid construction gantries and are suitable for portable, caster mounted applications or track mounted and trackless motorized applications.

PF style gantry cranes are ideal for situations requiring an economical supplement to an existing crane, if:

  • Your building cannot support a jib or overhead crane
  • Your lifting requirement is moderate and does not justify the cost of more expensive, permanently installed equipment
  • You do not own your facility - PF Series gantries can easily be moved from one location to another


PF Series steel constructed gantry cranes come in standard capacities to 15 ton, standard spans to 40 feet, standard heights to 35 feet, and have a maximum under beam height of 35 feet.


These PF Series gantry cranes as well as the T Series gantries can be furnished with motor drives to ride on V groove track crane rail directly on the floor by use of polyurethane wheels. SPANCO can design and build custom powered gantry cranes to meet any duty requirements.