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T Series Gantry Cranes

Spanco T Series Gantry Crane

The T Series 3-way adjustable gantries offer the greatest flexibility in gantry crane height, span, and tread adjustment. These gantrys also boast the maximum height under the I-beam with the greatest range of gantry height adjustment. This flexibility allows the crane to maneuver in tight spaces and on uneven surfaces. T Series gantries by SPANCO are available with steel construction, steel construction with aluminum I-beam, or aluminum construction. SPANCO's 3-way adjustable T Series portable gantries adapt to any lifting/moving requirements and building restrictions.


T Series gantries may be ordered in all steel construction up to a 10 ton capacity, or for a lighter gantry all aluminum construction up to a 3 ton capacity is available as well. The SPANCO T Series gantry crane features the True A-Frame design that virtually eliminates the swaying motion common to other 3-way adjustable gantry designs. This improved design gives much greater stability, but allows the I-beam to pivot independently of the legs and to self-center over a load. Unique SPANLOC® securely holds the I-beam in place and keeps the span from changing after being set. Four-position, swivel lock casters with moldon polyurethane wheels protect floors from damage.


These gantries as well as the PF Series gantries can be furnished with motor drives to ride on V groove track crane rail directly on the floor by use of polyurethane wheels. SPANCO can design and build custom powered gantries to meet any duty requirements.

The optional hand cart kit makes the 3-way adjustable T Series gantries completely portable. The cart kit attaches to the caster frames to transform the knocked-down gantry crane into a transportable handcart.

Optional detachable height adjustment kits are convenient for frequent adjustments. These kits eliminate the need for an overhead hoist or forklift truck. Kits consist of two units and include models to handle gantries with capacities up to 10 tons. Since only one end of the gantry crane can be adjusted at a time, order two kits to eliminate transfer of kits from end to end.