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O'Brien Pillar - When You Need Help From Above

O'Brien Jib Crane from Mt. Clemens CraneO'Brien Pillar Type Jib Crane from Mt. Clemens Crane

O'Brien builds the finest Jib Crane in North America with the widest range of styles and capacities.

  • Capacities from 250 lbs. to 20000 lbs. Standard boom lengths up to 38 feet. Specials up to 65 feet. Mast heights to 35 feet and over.
  • Styles: wall mounted, free standing or floor to ceiling mount. Radial or axial rotation, manual or power driven jibs. Articulated booms are well suited for confined work spaces. Wall traveling jib cranes also available.
  • Advanced engineering has combined heavy duty, high speed operation with ease of movement and unsurpassed smoothness of control.

The most extensive line of Jib Cranes available

O'Brien Pillar Jib Crane from Mt. Clemens Crane O'Brien Jib from Mt. Clemens Crane O'Brien Jib Cranes

Large capacity jibs to 10 tons are standard at O'Brien:

O'Brien Pillar Type Jib Crane
  • Reduce labor costs. Avoid time lost on waiting for an overhead crane or forklift. One jib crane handled easily by one person is highly cost effective.
  • O'Brien jibs function everywhere, in or outdoors. Jibs can be an important part of an integrated material handling system.
  • Choose from standard models for basic requirements or custom built designs that go beyond standard limits to solve unique material handling problems.