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Popular Crane & Hoist Options

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Hoist Overload Devices

To protect the crane equipment and provide additional safety, hoists can be supplied with electronic or manual overload detection devices to shut-off hoisting motion when a preset load condition occurs. Electronic devices allow field adjustment of cut-off point by qualified crane technician.
Mechanical Overload Device

Radio Remote Controls

Pushbutton Style TransmitterRadio controls allow operators to use and alternate method of controlling the crane via cordless remote control. This option can add to the safe function of the crane by allowing the operator free movement around the load.

Stooling Cranes

Single and double girder cranes can be stooled-up in cases where additional headroom exists and can be used to increase clearances under girders or high hook. Alternatively, cranes can be stooled-down to fit in lower headroom spaces. Stooling options are applicable when our standard crane dimensions are not ideal for the existing runway installation.
Stool-up Single Girder Crane


Top running double girder cranes can be provided with full length walkways and/or service platforms adding to safety for maintenance personel.
Full Length Walkway on Double Girder Crane


Most cranes can be provided with 400 Watt crane lights to illuminate area below crane. Standard lamp type is metal-halide. Lights provided are specific for crane duty and have shock absorbing characteristics. Number of lights supplied varies based on span crane.
Outdoor Crane Light

Grider Side Connection

Single or Double girder cranes can be provided with side shear connection of girder to endtruck. This option allows a compressed dimension from the top of the runway rail to the underside of an obstruction. MCC can offer this option on all crane capacities and spans.
Double Grider Side Connection