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Patented Track

TC American 200 Series

The 200 Series is the lightest weight and most versatile of the monorails. The 200 Series rail is a bolted two piece design with a lower rail width of 2 inches. This design allows for easy installation and... read more

TC American 400 Series

Used to replace, and complement existing systems. It is also used in new installations. The 400 Series is designed around a 3 piece welded design. 400 series systems transport loads up more

TC American Bridge Cranes

All of the cranes manufactured by TC/American are made in the TC/American factory to the customers’ requirements. While every crane is built for a particular application, there are three types of standard designs that are most popular. They are the Single Girder, Double Girder and Truss Crane more

TC American 325 Series

The demands of industry for a broad line of hard working material handling equipment is the basis behind our 325 Series. Its complete, versatile, and expandable, the right move for transporting and ... read more

TC American 450 Series

Extra-heavy loads, duty cycles and extra long spans require the TC/American 450 Series Cranes and Monorails. Structurally engineered to assure practical overhead material handling, the 450 Series is capable of... read more