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TC American 200 Series

Twin City American Patented Track Crane 200 Series Monorail from Mt. Clemens Crane The 200 Series is the lightest weight and most versatile of the monorails. The 200 Series rail is a bolted two piece design with a lower rail width of 2 inches. This design allows for easy installation and modification. The 200 Series Rail is also available in a girder rail design. By adding this backbone to the rail it enables it to handle heavier loads and requires fewer supports so that it can span greater distances. 

The 200 Series Monorail can be formed into curves on site allowing you to route the rail nearly anywhere you desire. A system of Switches and Interlocks can be added to the rail to allow you to interconnect your rail systems for the easy movement of goods from one station or department to another. This system eliminates the need to set items on the ground because one hoist can travel from station to station while under load.

Twin City America 200 Series Patented Track Monorail Crane from Mt. Clemens Crane

Two Four and Eight Wheel Articulating Trolleys with drop forged wheels ensures you can handle loads ranging from 250 to 5600 lbs. These trolleys utilize a heavy structural load bar that rides under rail on trolley yokes allowing the trolley to swivel and articulate freely. A series of cranes can be fitted to your 200 series system that are available in hand push, hand chain, air or electrically operated design.

Monorail systems are commonly used in manufacturing and warehousing of items. Monorails can be used to bring products through the entire manufacturing process without the need for it to ever touch the ground. Systems can be as simple as a traveling hoist, or as complex as a custom engineered crane. Monorails have the advantage over ground based systems in that they take up no floor space allowing you the most productivity from every square foot of your facility. Monorail opens a whole new world of possibility to the savvy plant manager.