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TC/American 325 Series

Twin City American 325 Series Patented Track Crane from Mt. Clemens Crane
The 325 Series rail can be electrified through the use of TC/American's shielded conductor bars attached to the rail. These vinyl covered conductor bars offer safety, excellent conductivity and long wear.


Drive Units for the 325 Series are high torque heavy duty assemblies for hoist, carrier and crane drives. Drive motors range in power from 1/2 hp to 5 hp. Single, dual or variable speed drive systems are also available with speed ranges from 28 FPM to 600 FPM in AC or DC configuration.

The 325 series precision made articulating trolleys and wheels are designed for long service life and maximum rolling efficiency. Wheels are drop forged and ride on regreaseable or prelubricated sealed bearings. Wheel treads are induction hardened, providing years of outstanding service. Trolley yokes are adaptable to nearly any industrial application and built to handle years of service.

The 325 Series with the Patented Track design is also available in the Spanmaster® Work Station Crane design. Spanmaster® systems are versatile and can be either building-supporting or self-supporting.

Monorail systems are commonly used in manufacturing and warehousing of items. Monorails can be used to bring products through the entire manufacturing process without the need for it to ever touch the ground. Systems can be as simple as a traveling hoist, or as complex as a custom engineered crane. Monorails have the advantage over ground based systems in that they take up no floor space allowing you the most productivity from every square foot of your facility. Monorail opens a whole new world of possibility to the savvy plant manager.

Twin City American Patented Track 325 Series Rail from Mt. Clemens Crane The demands of industry for a broad line of hard working material handling equipment is the basis behind our 325 Series. Its complete, versatile, and expandable, the right move for transporting and positioning loads up to 20 tons or more. 325 Series Rail is a three part Patented Track fabrication consisting of a high carbon manganese steel rolled T-section, an A36 steel web plate and top flange. These three parts are fused together during our state of the art welding process resulting in uniform rail that is straight and true from section to section. The rail is available in a range of sizes from 8 ¼ to 40 inches deep depending upon your needs.

A system of interlocks and switches keeps you on track while transferring from one rail system to another. This system of interlocks and switches facilitates the easy transfer fromone station to another without the need to switch carriers.  Any number of cranes can be mounted to your rail system Single and double girder, truss, or have a specialty crane designed for your specific application.