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TC/American 450 Series

Twin City American Patented Track Crane 450 Series from Mt. Clemens CraneExtra-heavy loads, duty cycles and extra long spans require the TC/American 450 Series Cranes and Monorails. Structurally engineered to assure practical overhead material handling, the 450 Series is capable of moving loads of 40 tons or more.

The rail is a Patented Track, three part fabrication, similar to the 325 series rail. However, the high carbon manganese steel rolled T-section has a tread size of 4 ½ inches wide and 1 1/8 inches thick! This gives the 450 series high wear resistance, and long tread life.  The 450 Series precision made articulating trolleys and wheels are designed for long service life and maximum rolling effhciency. Wheels are drop forged and ride on regreaseable or prelubricated sealed bearings, and wheel treads are induction hardened providing outstanding service over the years. Trolley yokes are adaptable to nearly any industrial application and buhlt to handle years of service.

TC American Patented Track Crane 450 Series from Mt. Clemens CraneTrack switches offer a standard 10 ton capacity glide switch that are power or chain operated. Although engineered and built for extra heavy-duty applications, switches are compact, requiring minimum headroom.

The 450 Series drive unit is specifically designed for heavy-duty crane drive and monorail applications. Machined drop forged steel 9" trolley wheels have hardened treads and guide rollers for added endurance and stability. Single, dual, and variabld speeds from 35 FPM to 600 FPM are available from 1 ½ to 5 HP. AC and DC configurations are available.

Single and double girder cranes with 4 and 8 wheel end trucks are standard. Wheel bases extend from 72" to 108", depending upon capacity. All cranes are custom engineered and fabricated to the job requirements.