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We have designed runways from 500-lbs to 75-ton capacity, attached to your existing building or free-standing completely isolated from your existing building. We can reinforce your existing runway system for additional capacity or provide you with a new runway. What ever your material handling need is, Mt. Clemens Crane can provide you with a safe, economical solution that will provide years of quality service.

Runways are designed by our in house professional engineer, licensed in the state of Michigan. Our engineer designs each runway to meet or exceed the stress and deflection requirements of the American Institute of Steel Construction (A.I.S.C.) and Crane Manufacturers Association of America (C.M.A.A.). Runways are designed using custom designed software that enables us to determine the most economical sections available to save you money. Choosing the most economical sections available also reduces the stress exerted on your existing building. By reducing the stress on your existing building we are saving you future building maintenance costs.

All runways are field checked with the latest laser measuring devices to ensure an exact fit for your building. Our engineer then custom designs your runway system to achieve the most hook coverage possible. We then use CAD technology to create job-specific drawings that will be used for customer approval, fabrication and erection. Runways are fabricated and painted in our facility allowing us to maintain strict and complete control over each project. Each fabricator is a certified welder, tested per American Welding Society (A.W.S.) requirements.

Runways are installed by our highly skilled field installation crew. We coordinate our erection procedures with your plant flow to minimize disruption of your plant processes. Each erector is also a certified welder, tested per A.W.S. requirements. We use A325 structural bolts with lock washers and apply the proper AISC recommended torque to each bolt, thus eliminating loosening by vibration. Runways are installed level, plumb and straight to avoid premature wear of the crane wheels. We only use new ASCE crane rail and align each section to CMAA guidelines for span, straightness and elevation.

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