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Demag DH Wire Rope Hoist

Demag DH Wire Rope Hoist from Mt. Clemens Crane

Demag DH wire rope hoists incorporate advanced electrical and mechanical engineering in many forms, including standard headroom, low headroom, or double rail trolley units. Modular arrangements of motors, gearboxes, drums, rope-leadoff, reeving and drive controls provide the optimum solution. "Load Halt" devices which guard against dropping the load due to any failure in the gear train or braking system can be supplied with all unites.

Demag DH Technology and Features
Load Capacity up to 100 Ton

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Motor torque is transmitted to the reduction gear through a flexible coupling to dampen load peaks. All gears are ground, hardened and operate in an oil bath. Gear reducers are of the planetary type for balanced load distribution, with helical first stages. Gear lubricant is synthetic and does not require replacement for the normal life of the hoist.

Rope Guides

To assure positive winding of rope on the drum and to prevent rope overlapping and potentially dangerous groove peak contact, a hoisting rope guide is employed. Double wrapping of rope is not permitted.

Load Halt

In addition to the holding brake operating on the motor shaft, an emergency stopping device acting directly on the rope drum is available to stop and hold the load in the event of an overspeed condition.

MCC Special - Trolley Design

Double girder low headroom hoist / trolley with auxiliary hoist. The hoist drum is perpendhcular to the trolley travel. This type of trolley is ideally designed for flipping and rotating heavy die/molds. Whatever your need or application plumb lift, multiple lead offs, stool up, stool down, Mt. Clemens Crane will custom design a trolley for your specific application, just ask.

EZLDH - Trolley Design

Double girder low headroom hoist / trolley. The hoist drum is parallel to the trolley travel.

Hoist Motors

Demag motors are designed for heavy duty, high cycling service. Motor windings have Class F insulation and are protected from overheating by thermal protectors imbedded in the windings. Motors are of the totally enclosed, fan cooled type. Two speed hoisting motors, main mechanical creep motor, or VFC hoist motor control is available.

Geared Limit Switch

Hoist is equipped with a 3 position geared upper and lower limit switch. This switch is adjustable to set the extreme upper and lower limits of hook travel. The limit switch is equipped with a digital drum revolution counter for use in evaluating service conditions and maintenance intervals.

EKDH - Trolley Design

Monorail or single girder, close headroom hoist / trolley. Designed to maximize the lift for the available headroom. This is our standard trolley configuration on all our single girder cranes. Infinitely variable trolley flange adjustment and spheroidal graphite cast-iron travel wheels. Electric drives with hollow-shaft gearboxes and Demag brake motors are virtually maintenance-free.

EUDH - Trolley Design

A low-priced solution for monorails and single-girder cranes. The trolleys allow infinitely variable adjustment to suit all flange widths on conventional rolled beam girders. The EUDH is particularly suited for high lift applications where the upper hook position is not critical. Monorail applications are the most common uses.

EZDH - Trolley Design

Double girder low headroom hoist / trolley. The hoist drum is perpendicular to the trolley travel.