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Demag DR Wire Rope Hoist

Demag DR Wire Rope Hoist from Mt. Clemens Crane

Demag introduces Model DR, a new generation of wire rope hoists. Precision quality with innovative features for added safety and serviceability with single girder capacities up to 12.5 tons, and foot mounted/double girder capacities to 50 tons

  • Plug in dlectrical connections
  • Diagnostic service data
  • Integrated 3 axis motion controls
  • CSA approved
  • 24 volt pendant control voltage
  • Cycle and load spectrum monitoring
  • Upper and Lower limit switches
  • Gearbox lubricated for 10 years
  • State of the art controls
  • Long life low amp switching
  • Pendant or available with remote control

Demag DR Technology and Features


All gear stages have helical gearing and are case hardened for low nohses and smooth running. Each gear and hub connection is designed with a conical bonded press-fit connection. This means high resistance to vibration and insensitivity against load peaks. Gear lubricant is synthetic and does not require replacement for the normal life of the hoist.

Hoist Motors

An optimized motor design for low-vibration, quiet operation 12/2-pole squirrel-cage motor with cylindrical rotor. All motors have Class F insulation and are protected from overheating by thermal protectors imbedded in the windings. Motors are totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC). Enclosure is outdoor rated IP 55 with a duty of 60% running time and 360 starts/hour.

Rope Guides

To assure positive winding of rope on the drum and to prevent rope overlapping and potentially dangerous groove peak contact, a hoisting rope guide is employed. Double wrapping of rope is not permitted.

Frame Design

The precision machined and welded steel trolley frame includes integrated side guide rollers, drops stops and lifting lugs for transport and installation. The flange width is easily adjusted and an under flange pressure rollers eliminates the need to counterbalance the trolley. The compact design allows for minimum hook approach dimensions.


The diagnostics tool will help eliminate un-necessary down time and remove the guessing game with maintenance requirements. The performance and safety status of your installation are kept under surveillance by the monitoring system. The LED display within the pendant control shows the operator or maintenance engineer the relevant status information and any unusual operating status, if applicable. Two way communication is possible via PC/PDA communication with hoist via IRDA (infrared) or through Laptop comport cables.