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Demag MPW Heavy Duty Open Winch Wire Rope Hoist

MPW Open Winch Wire Rope Hoist from Mt. Clemens Crane
  • Load capacity 5 - 170 t
  • Classification M3 - M8 FEM
  • Hoist output 20 - 140 kW
  • 4/2; 8/2; 12/2 rope reeving arrangements
  • Extended performance range on request.


  • Motor, brake and gearbox- robust, compact arrangement, simple interchangeability, optimum performance
  • Clear interfaces for ease of assembly, inspection and maintenance 

MPW Trolley

MPW multi-purpose winch Trolleys are used in crane installations in a wide variety of industries. Flexibility and possible combinations of individual sub-assemblies of various types cover a variable range to avoid interfaces. 


Crab frame of welded steel construction

  • Optimum weight and torsionally rigid
  • Travel wheels largely wear-free
  • Robust, proven corner-bearing design
  • Accessible crab frame with foot rails and railing

Fully equipped, assembled, delivered just-in-time - the modular design enables crabs to be shipped in a container

All motors and components are individually checked for functionality. This means that you receive a MPW open winch crab assembled using series principles: 

  • Same travel unit design as the crane end carriage
  • Bolted crossbeam connection
  • Minimum assembly requirement
  • Few connection interfaces - drum, gearbox, motor and brake form a unit
  • Crab frame built in a jig
  • Modular design

Standard Product Features


Hoist Drum

The hoist drum is machined with an optimized groove profile to increase wire rope life. Rope clamps can be located directly on the drum flange to minimize trolley gauge and reduce end approach. Flange mounting of the drum and gearbox insure proper alignment. Drum hardness is 160 Brinell.


Rope Sheave Assembly

The reeving arrangements 4/2 or 8/2, provide true vertical lift without introducing any reverse bending which is detrimental to rope life. The compensating sheave assembly, and the return sheave assembly (when required) are fully guarded and pivot in a welded support bracket. The top of the support bracket has a bolt connection for removal of the sheave assemblies.


Rope Sheaves

All rope sheave are hardened to 220-240 Brinell. State-of-the-art Explorer anti-friction cylindrical roller bearings, are lubricated for life. No re-lubrication is necessary while providing a high service life with low maintenance.




Wire Rope

A high service life rope, Casar Superplast, is also non-rotation resistant, and constructed with a corrosion resistant filler.


Hoist Gearbox

A horizontally split gearcase is used for easy access and reduced maintenance cost. Extremely high service life with helical, hardened and ground gearing, AGMA Class 11 minimum, splash lubrication.



Flange Mounting

Hoist drum, hoist motor, and optional double shoe brake, are flange mounted to insure alignment, reduce wear, and reduce installation time..


 Hoist Motor

Hoist motors are totally enclosed, fan cooled with class F insulation. The motor enclosure rating is IP55. Thermal overload PTC thermistors are imbedded in the motor windings. Integral disc type brakes are standard and rated for 200% minimum stopping torque.


Geared Limit Switch

The DGS-G geared limit switch is a precision limit switch mounted in a light-metal cast housing. Various contact settings are used to control operational limits and the emergency limit. The unit is also equipped with a mechanical counter that can be used to determine the operating time of the hoist.


Trolley Frame

A rigid box girder construction reduces overall trolley weight and the loads transmitted to the crane and building structure. The centrally support girder reduces trolley wheelbase and hook approach dimensions. High strength bolted connections fasten the frame to corner bearing style endtrucks.


CAD Frane Design

An optimized trolley frame design is achieved through the use of finite element analysis. The frame has been design in accordance with the latest standards and has been proven after extensive factory and field testing.

Maintenance Platform

Dual platforms constructed with non-slip decking, toe guards and OSHA height handrails, provide a secure work area for maintenance or repairs.

Corner Bearing Endtrucks

Welded Box girder construction with line bored frame and wheel mounting surfaces, insure precise geometry. Close tolerances for wheel alignment, translate to an accurately tracking trolley and longer wheel life. Should wheel or bearing replacement become necessary, the bolted assembly is easily remove.

Trolley Drive

Trolley motors are totally enclosed, fan cooled with class F insulation. The motor enclosure rating is IP55. Thermal overload PTC thermistors are imbedded in the motor windings. Integral disc type brakes are standard and include a manual brake release. An offset style gearbox with helical gearing is mounted on a hollow output shaft.