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Stahl AS Series Wire Rope Hoists

Stahl AS Series Wire Rope Hoists from Mt. Clemens Crane
  • Lifting capacities to 110 tons.
  • Lifting speeds from 6 to 24 fpm.
  • Lifting heights up to 315 feet.
  • Capable of true vertical lift.
  • Balanced load on all 4 wheels.

The AS series wire rope hoists are available with lifting capacities up to 110 tons. Both base-mounted and double girder trolleys available.

Two-speed hoist and trolley motors are standard. So are extremely long life motor brakes; electronic overload cut-off switches; cast-iron rope guides; and virtually maintenance-free, oil-bath lubricated gearing. Safety features include adjustable upper/lower limit switches and thermal motor protection.

Optional items include: Special 10:1 micro lifting speeds, variable speed horizontal drives, geared limit switch and more.

1. Integrated control with weld resistant contactors in a NEMA 3/12 enclosure are designed, and assembled in the US from readily avahlable components. NEMA 4 enclosures and other special designs are provided on request.

2. Maintenance-free rope drum bearing with central drive and single grooving are standard. Double-grooved rope drums are available as an option.

3. Reliable rope guide designed to minimize damage by keeping tension on the rope. Cast steel alloy design provides extremely long wear life, unlimited temperature limitations, and resistance to side pull.

4. Three-step helical gearing in an oil bath with an additional planetary gear step provides minimal maintenance requirements over the long life of the hoist. An OVERLOAD CUT-OFF device is integrated into the gearbox to prevent lifting loads in excess of the rated capacity.

5. Hoist motors are multi-pole squirrel-cage three phase a.c. design for heavy duty material handling applications. Two speeds (6:1 ratio) are standard with many options for micro drive (10:1 ratio), and variable speed applications upon request. All motors are TEFC with class F insulation and thermal protection.

6. Enclosed brake. Dirt cannot enter from outside, nor can brake dust escape from inside. Enormously long life of the asbestos-free brake.

7. Safety final limit switch for upper and lower hook position. Additional operational limit switch on request.8. Travel drive with 2 speeds (4:1 ratio) is standard and variable speed available on request.