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World/Global Series

Shawbox Global Series Wire Rope Hoist from Mt. Clemens CraneWorld Series by Shaw Box
Global Series by Yale
Both trolley-hoists are identical except labeling


  • Capacities from 1 to15-tons
  • Lifts to 45 feet
  • Ultra low headroom
  • Electrically powered
  • Two speed Hoist 
  • Two speed Trolley

Product Features

Hoist Gear Case and Motor

Triple reduction hoist gearing is oil bath lubricated, operating in an oil-tight, vacuum cast aluminum gear case. The gear case is conveniently located to allow ease of access in the air, while providing a low headroom design with maximum lift. The motor is two-speed with a 6:1 ratio from high to low speed; giving a low speed for precise loadhandling and a high speed for fast throughput

Wire Rope Drum and Rope Guide

The wire rope drum is machined from quality steel, grooved to a depth equal to 50% of the rope's diameter, with a rope guide to help ensure the rope stays in the grooves.

Drum, Reaving, and Lower Block

Hoist is reeved to a low-headroom design lower block for a minimum headroom and maximum lift. Wire rope is secured to the drum with three heavy ductile iron clamps and designed to have three extra wraps of wire rope on the drum with the rope at full extension (low hook).

Block Operated Limit Switch

The hoist is provided with a block actuated upper limit switch, meeting the requirements of A.S.M.E. The limit switch is actuated by contact with the lowerblock, preventing double blocking, possible rope bre`kage and load drop. Also included is an upper and lower geared limit switch.

Trolley Traverse Drive

Two wheels are driven; one on each side of the frame for maximum traction and uniform tracking. Traverse motor drives a right angle worm gear reducer for smooth starting and stopping (within OSHA required distances) without requiring a brake. Trolley traverse drive pinion shaft is hex-sided; keys not needed for reducer or pinion connections. Each drive pinion is held in place with locking collars to prevent pinion walking.

Control Panel

Hoist and trolley controls are housed in a common NEMA 4/12 control enclosure; with generous space for ease of inspection and service. Controls use only the highest quality components and are designed to meet NEC standards for maximum life and easy service.