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Mt. Clemens Crane Qualifications

Mt. Clemens Crane is proud of its history of providing quality overhead material handling equipment to its users since 1973. We are a valued supplier to many of our customers, not by being the initial low cost supplier, but by meeting or exceeding the customers requirements with reliable, properly engineered equipment for the application. In most cases, this quality makes Mt. Clemens Crane the lowest cost supplier over the life of the equipment, with near immediate payback on any additional initial investment. This payback occurs quietly as the owner can focus on their business and not be distracted by ongoing crane problems due to poor engineering or improper equipment selection for the application.

Mt. Clemens Crane can identify certain corporate attributes that are directly related to the quality of the product and benefits the customer receives:

ISO Certification - Quality System

MCC has implemented and supports ongoing commitment to internal quality control system according to ISO 9001:2008. MCC achieved its innitial ISO 9001 certification in the year 2000.  Click to Download

Quality Statement:
The management and employees of Mt. Clemens Crane & Service Co., Inc. are dedicated to providing the highest quality standardized and customized crane designs, fabrication and assembly, installations, modernizations, spare parts and service, with a goal to meet 100% of our customers requirements and continuously improve in all areas of operation.


Professional Engineers



MCC has qualified engineers on staff with formal education in mechanical, electrical, and Civil Engineering. We are able to offer all customers confidence in knowing a licensed (State of Michigan) Engineer has designed your crane and runway design.

Industry Legislative Participation



MCC has industry tenured professionals that participate with the State Of Michigan in committee for the purpose of updating state-wide legislation as it pertains to the industry.

Ongoing Training


 MCC strives to build on the skill set of each employee through ongoing training on a continuous basis. Training is popular in the areas of: general crane and hoist function, specific crane component function and maintenance, MIOSHA regulation, inspection guidelines, and industrial safety (quarterly).




Certified Welders




Mt. Clemens Crane assures quality in its welded structures using trained, qualified, and certified welders in the shop and field.

Licensed Electricians


Mt. Clemens Crane assures quality in its electrical crane wiring with properly trained electrician.


Mt. Clemens crane carries full workmans compensation insurance as well as product liability insurance with completed operations for the benefit of our customers for any work we do. Certificates of insurance are provided upon request.